Part 1: Conditions of membership

  1. In order to be eligible for membership of Christian Fellowship Church, the applicant must be a born-again individual aged 18 years or over who has been in regular attendance for at least 3 months.  In order for that person to have a say in Church policy, he/she must have been in membership and have attended Church services for a further 9 months.
  2. Each member must agree to be bound doctrinally by the Church’s Basis of Faith and have a life-style governed by the aims and values outlined in the Our Values document.
  3. Each member is expected to submit to the Oversight of the Church, appointed and functioning according to the Church’s Constitution, and to give prayerful, practical and financial support to the work of the Church, as the Lord enables.
  4. Each member is expected to either accept the teachings of the Oversight and appointed teachers of the Church or to be at peace with those teachings.  Members may not subvert the teachings of the Church but are openly invited to lobby the Church Oversight and teachers with their particular point of view so that the issue(s) can receive proper consideration.
  5. No member can at the same time be a member of another Church, Christian or otherwise except in the case of Temporary Membership and then at the discretion of the Oversight (see clause 11).
  6. Each member needs to be aware that Christian Fellowship Church does not condone the active practice of an immoral lifestyle, or an y lifestyle that is contrary to the Word of God.
  7. No member may belong to any cult or subversive organisation, religious or political.  No member may teach heresy or be a person currently dis-fellowshipped or under discipline by another Christian Church or Organisation.  In the event of another Church ‘breaking up’ or in the event of a dispute, the Oversight may investigate the matter to establish where the greater fault lies.



  1. Child and Teenage Membership is automatically open to all children (under 18 years) of adult Church Members.
  2. Child and Teenage Membership is open to attending children (under 18 years) who have their parents’/guardians’ consent in writing to become a member.

10.  Other children who attend meetings of the Church (with consent) will be considered members of the Sunday School and/or Youth Club(s).



11.  Temporary Membership is available, but only to people who are temporarily in residence in the area.  Temporary members do not have voting rights.



12.  Associate Membership is available to people who are at least 18 years of age who accept both the Church’s Constitutional position and standards of conduct and who prayerfully and practically support the Church but who are unable to attend on a regular basis because of, for example, Missionary Service or work overseas.  Associated members do not have voting rights.


Part 2: Membership Procedure

Any person desiring to become a member will be interviewed by the Oversight who must satisfy themselves that the person in question is (a) BORN AGAIN and (b) COMMITTED to making the Church his/her spiritual home.  The Oversight may ask for a letter of reference where appropriate and refuse membership where this is not forthcoming or if the person is unable or unwilling to comply with the Conditions of Membership.  When a person is accepted for membership, his/her name and address will be added to the List of Members and his/her family details kept for Sunday School and Visitation records.  Adult members will be encouraged to express their commitment to Jesus Christ by being publicly baptised and also through sharing their testimony.

Upon acceptance, all new members will be informally introduced by the Oversight to the Church the following Sunday.


Part 3: Church Affiliations

Christian Fellowship Church is affiliated to the Association of Irish Evangelical Churches and is also a member of the Congregational Union of Churches.

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