What to Expect


If this is your first time to come to Christian Fellowship Church (C.F.C) here in Dublin, we would love you to feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable as you would at home. This is a place where you can belong AND a place you can grow in relationship with Jesus.

While it is a small church in numbers at the moment, there is a great sense of community, love, support and fellowship, and most importantly, a great reverance for God. The people who attend C.F.C come from various kinds of backgrounds, cultures and age groups, hence, there tends to be a casual atmosphere. During a Sunday morning meeting you will experience passionate singing, the bible read and people giving testimony of how great God is, how He answered prayer and how He is moving in their lives.

The Teaching
There is a strong emphasis on practical and biblically based teaching which is accessible. It is mostly expository teaching which brings practical application and challenges for our daily lives. There is also gospel and devotional teachings. The ministry is varied. While Vincent, the pastor, brings the majority of the teaching, there are a number of speakers within the church with different styles as well as visiting speakers from time to time.


The Breaking of Bread (communion) is done in accordance with scriptural teaching, in the remembrance of Jesus. All those who are born again believers, are more than welcome to join in and take part. We ask those who are not, to refrain. We hope that no offense will be given as certainly none will be taken if you do not take part. For those who are believers, we ask that you ensure that you heart is right with God and with those around you before taking part. We hold this every second Sunday in the morning service.

This is one Christian church where you will feel right at home – why not drop in and visit us.

All are welcome!


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