Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following people –

John Cooper – He is undergoing treatment. May God undertake for him and may he know His presence. Please also pray for his family.
Beryl and Gordon Harper – Over the last few months they have had various health problems.
Dessie and Aoife – for them as a family and their evangelist work.
Doreen Nolan
Philip Murphy – may he know God’s comfort and guidance.
Dorcas and her family – They are going through challenging times.
Mrs Fay and all the Fay family.
Mary Soan and her family – Pray for her husband Liam that he will know God in a new way and that we will see him come back, and for her daughters and son.
Colm Gannon – (David & Jane’s son) as well as their daughter Sinead and her family.
David Chamber – Who has ongoing health problems and he is a lot of pain
The O’Callaghans
Andy Rowan – He does not always have good health due to an on-going health conditions.
Paul Thorpe (Jane Gannon’s brother in-law) who has serious health condition. Please pray that the whole family will come to know the Lord as their personal Saviour. Also, pray for Jane’s sister Rose. She has a deteriorating health condition.
Paul O’Shea– pray that God will continue to bless him and that his parents and other members of his family will come to know the Lord.
The children in the church – who attend the Sunday School that they will all come to know Jesus in a real and personal way.
Calum and Larry Jordan who are both critically ill and in comas.
Nikki – This is a friend of Lucille’s daughter. She is in her early 30s and has been diagnosed with a brain tumour recently. She was brought in for an operation but they have induced her into a coma. Please pray for her.
Mary – Vincent and Margaret’s next door neighbour is in critical need of prayer. She has been diagnosed with something which has devastated her and her family. The family has been through so much in recent years with serious health issues. Please pray for healing but more importantly, her and her family’s salvation.
Paddy Gibbs – Joan and Margaret’s brother
Hassan’s mother – Please pray for her health
Shokofeh’s friend Helen’s sister
Yvonne and Maureen Williams
Michael Watson
Donald – A young man with cancer
Patricia Ryan – Recovering from treatment of radiation

Please pray for the following ministries –

The Prison ministry – Pray that God will undertake for Vincent Gannon, Andy Rowan and Pat who are involved not just in bring a bible study but supporting the men and visiting them during the week. Pray for those men who attend every Sunday night’s meeting and their salvation.
The Church – Pray for all the people in the church as well as God’s guidance for the church in general.
Vincent – Pray for his ministry
The Sunday School teachers – Pray for Joan and Lucille who faithfully carry this ministry week after week.
The Music Team – Pray that more would like to get involved, specifically those who can play instruments.
Bethseda House – This is the orphanage and day care homes in Romania that the church is involved with.

Please pray for our country –
The Government and all who work in guiding the country policies and actions.
The President
8th Amendment issue
All other services.


Please click this link to access the members of THE PRAYER CHAIN

In order to love one another well, we need to pray for each other.” Mark Driscoll




Lisa Fay has got a new job after praying for one and looking for the last 3 months. It is what she prayed for exactly. So thank God!

If you need prayer, know of others that are in need or God has answered prayer, please email or let Vincent know so that we can post it here.



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