“I’ve attended a few different churches over the years and I have found this one to be my spiritual home.  I have found the teaching to be excellent, very biblical based, challenging and extensive.  Also, the people who attend the church are genuine, loving and really down to earth people. They have made me feel not only welcome but also part of the community.”
Fiona – Navan (33yrs)


“I went to a Catholic Charismatic Conference in 1988. The priest throughout the conference asked this question – ‘If Jesus was kneeling at your feet with a basin and a towel, what would you want from Him?’.  My life at this stage was fraught with many difficulties.  My response within my heart was – “I want you”.  The power of God coursed through my very being.  I went into that building in bits and came out a completely different person.  I knew the Lord had met with me and when I went to His Word it came alive.”
“The Lord’s sovereign Hand led me to a woman who worked in the same company as myself.  She organised for me to meet her pastor.  He explained all my unanswered questions.  I am in this church to the present day; where the unadulterated truth of the word of God is preached week after week.”

Doreen – Rush, Co. Dublin.                                                                                                         (For more of Doreen’s testimony see the blog on this site dated 24th October 2012.)

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